• Michael Weeding

Pay with PayPal using Tabbedout.

Currently the buzz around mobile payments is focused on the announcement of Wallets and their use of NFC, although there are many examples of practical solutions that are already in market that do not rely on NFC such as the Tabbedout App.

Tabbedout started in 2009 and and allows customers to pay for their restaurant and bar bills via an Android of iOS App. Using Tabbedout a customer can search for a partner restaurant or bar within their area, once insidethey can use Tabbedout to open an account and Tabbedout will encrypt their credit card details and send this across to the restaurants POS system. Once a payment has been made a receipt will available for the user within the App.

PayPal continues to expand into mobile payments now that Tabbedout customer can pay using their PayPal account. If you want to see how this is done you can view the YouTube clip posted by PayPal. All this makes you want to have a beer!!


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