• Michael Weeding

Branded Mobile Games – A Marketing Strategy not to be Ignored.

Apps are huge with mobile consumers, although most have only short term use with a large number not being used one month after being downloaded, creating a challenge for brands and App developers to drive usage past the first engagement.

Over the first 2 months of 2012 Flurry observed sessions across 64 billion mobile application sessions, the results was that users spend 52% of their time playing games. As a result, branded mobile games is a marketing strategy that cannot be ignored and has been adopted by many brands. An example of a succesful branded mobile game is the Barclay Card Waterslide Extreme, which achieved over 2 million downloads in the first 2 weeks it was launched, other successful branded mobile Apps include Oakley Surf Report or the Audi A4 Driving Challenge.

Outside of mobile it is interesting to note that Facebook Apps has just started to prompt users to return to non game apps with a new module that directs users back to Apps that they have not used in a while.

The only challenge left once you have your branded mobile game is to measure how this has driven an increase in purchases.


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