• Michael Weeding

Smart Watches

I have not worn a watch on my wrist for many years, with a phone in my pocket finding out the time has not been too difficult. This type of behaviour has been a challenge for watch companies for many years as teens and young adults have abandoned the watch as it was considered too low tech. Back in 2006 watch companies started to produce watches that could play music, provide the air temperature and even provide an updatedhoroscope to match the challenge of the iPod and Blackberry.

It was interesting to watch this week a small start up called Pebble Technology raise over $4 million dollars within 8 days of putting their Smart Watch on Kickstarter with over 34,000 people backing this project who will be able to purchase the watch in September. Users will be able to view their text messages, incoming calls and tweets from the watch but what makes this different to other Smart Watches on the market is it’s iPhone support and the potential to offer unique services to support the iPhone. With this type of technology we will no longer need to pull out our phone to stay connected, it would be as simple as glancing down at our wrist. If you think about all the possible applications this could be a real winner in the new technology race.

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