• Michael Weeding

Bricks & Mortar Retail Must Adopt the Tablet

There have been a lot of discussions on the impact of the Tablet on traditional retail. Internet purchases in Australia grew by in excess of 29% (compared to 2% for traditional bricks and mortar) and exceeded $11 billion in 2011. Add to this the many reports that describe an overwhelming preference for consumers to purchase through retailers using a tablet on the Internet over a smartphone or PC this highlights the need for retailers to understand there is a shift taking place in consumer behaviour between online retail and mobile devices and they need to adopt the Internet as an integral part of their business model to remain competitive.

Another angle that has not been discussed as frequently is the power of the tablet with the right application in the hands of a friendly shop assistant. In a recent survey AisleBuyer found that retailers that use tablet and mobile devices in place of cash registers are perceived to be more innovative and 64% of respondents said that they felt shop assistants were more helpful when not behind a cash register. A well designed tablet application in the hands of a shop assistant can be used to quickly suggest companion items and build transactions.

Many well known retailers have already adopted tablet and mobile devices as an integral part of their retail experience, including Apple, Macy’s and Nordstrom, and with the tablet providing a more cost effective alternative to the cash register we should expect to see many more retailers adopting these devices very quickly over the next 12 months.


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