• Michael Weeding

Weather Alert – The Mist That Has Blurred the View between Technology & Marketing is now a Thick

It has been well publicised that CIO and CMOs need to work together more into the future if an organisation is going to succeed in leveraging ROI from technology investments and there is no other part of the organisation that is having to adapt to the rapid pace of the changing environment more so than the marketing and technology departments.

A common question I have been asked is the gap between the marketing and the technology departments and how they should work together. In my view there has always been a mist that has blurred the view between the technology and marketing teams which has limited the value an organisation has been able to extract from their technology investments. As we move forward in the future we will see the technology teams play a critical role in the organisations strategy as they provide strategic advice to extract value from the systems that they manage for the one main reason, they understand the capabilities of the platforms better than anyone else. Of course offering strategic advice and execution of that strategy are two very different areas and for that we will continue to rely on the skills of the marketer.

So while the CIO and CMO start working more together, what about the departments that they lead? The skill set of a technologist and marketer is still very unique with few possessing exceptional skills in both. From my experience most marketers do not want to understand technology and most technologists want to be more involved in driving business value than just rolling out platform enhancements.

As technology developments become more rapid and more complex then the mist that has blurred the view in the past between both departments is now becoming a thick cloud. The organisations that will experience the most success will be the ones that find the leadership necessary to guide both departments and translate the fog created by the thick cloud into clarity. As a result we would expect to see that the role of the CMO to be as technical as it is marketing as we move forward into the future, or will it be that we will see the role of the CIO to be as marketing as it is technical?


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