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The Challenge of Creating Shareable Content.

The role that content is playing within a social strategy is constantly evolving, although the measures of success of the investments into social campaigns in some cases seems to be going backwards as I have heard recent comments noting the failure of social campaigns based on the fact that the content did not go viral. If you are leveraging social as a form of marketing then the content that is produced needs to be shareable, if this isachieved then you now have the opportunity to engage passive viewers who in most cases only consume content. With this in mind your campaign success now becomes improved engagement and reach within the segment that you are targeting, which is a very different outcome to the content being shared virally.

Remember one piece of content that you generate is not going to be relevant to your entire target market so the creation of your content strategy needs careful planning. You have to understand the relevance of the content not only to your targeted audience but the different ways that they engage across social channels, the story you tell in one may be totally different in another to be able to effectively engage your audience. Last and not least the content needs longevity, and to achieve this it needs to have the opportunity to grow and evolve. Sounds complicated? If it was easy then everyone would be doing it, which is why there are very few brands that have demonstrated examples of success and as a result there is a huge amount of consumable content that is being produced by many brands that is being replaced by new content over and over again without ever really being shared.

The challenge for any social marketer is to develop sharable content that will engage consumers through their social network and beyond. In a past post I outlined the challenges of using your social network to share contentwhere I broke a network down to the Active and Passive members. By producing shareable content you will engage your Active base who may be more inclined to share although opportunities to amply your message comes when “The Consumers” who sit within your Passive group start to share within their networks. Developing and managing the right social campaign is a unique skill and any social marketer who can demonstrate ongoing success in creating and executing a shareable content strategy will be certainly be a hot resource as the expectations of the role that social will play as part of organisations marketing and branding strategy continues to grow in importance.

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