• Michael Weeding

The little things do matter, so make every digital and social interaction count.

The concept of Customer Experience Management has been a focus of most organisations for some time and with the rise of social media there is more importance on creating the experiential brand over and above just the branded experience. Micro-interactions are an important component of the experiential brand, they are the everyday exchanges that we have with a product, brand and service. Each one seems insignificant. But combined they define how we feel about a product, brand or service at an emotional level. With digital and social micro-interactions outnumbering the physical the digital experience is playing a bigger role than ever in defining your customer’s perception of your brand.

The little things do matter, as we look to develop new digital product or services this is often done with the macro experience in mind, but if we want to delight our customers we need to think about the micro-interactions and design the experience from the bottom up. In most cases your customers will not remember, or even notice a micro-interaction but combined they will be the difference between a good and a great experience. It is this experience that will be amplified as they engage with their social network.

With this in mind you would expect that more people across your organisation would want some involvement in the design of any new digital product or service both on a macro and micro level. In reality as we look to move fast there is probably less engagement as the fear is that this will complicate the process. As every organisation is different the strategy to manage this process will vary, but I believe that it will be more important than ever to ensure that we not just have models to address product design but also ways to ensure that we have adequate engagement models across all levels of the organisation built into this process. The decisions on product design that are made today will have an impact on brand perception in the future, so it is worth giving this a thought when you are next excluding key stakeholders from your project as you look to move quickly.


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