• Michael Weeding

Name & Shame Dodgy Apps

Trust is an important element of business today and most organisations are working hard to develop ways to build closer relationships with their customers and ultimately trust in their brand. Digital channels play an important role in connecting the consumer and the business more regularly and when it comes to customer experience I believe that any positive or negative experience you have will impact your perceptions of trust around that particular Digital channel for any brand in which you engage.

As an example, when it comes to mobile commerce most people would tread very carefully when engaging within Apps that generate revenue from In App Purchases (IAP) as you or friends have had a poor experience and have been charged for purchases you did not know you were making, or even worse purchases that your children have unknowingly made using stored credit card data. The result is that while you may work hard to develop trust this is made more difficult by the perceptions created through others poor execution that you do not control, and it is not just unknown brands some major brands have been criticised in the past for poor practices around IAP.

I found it interesting to read this week that in Australia the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC) has opened an inquiry into mobile apps and commerce with the aim to uncover holes in the way mobile commerce works and have asked consumers to name and shame apps with which they have had a dodgy purchase experience. While the report could pave ways for new laws around consumer protection or a platform to lobby for changes on an international level I think the only real outcome of this will be that it will be a very interesting report to read.


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