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How to improve your “Consumption Efficiency” and stay relevant within your field of expertise.

There is over 2.7 Zetabytes of data in the digital universe today according to IBM and this is increasing at a rapid pace with 571 new websites created every minute, 100 terabytes of data uploaded daily to Facebook and YouTube users uploading 48 hours of new video every minute of the day. According to Eric Schmidt every 2 days we create as much Information as we did up to 2003, which is a pretty amazing statistics that provides some context to the term “Big Data”.

There is a lot of content discussing the challenges that business will have in the future managing “Big Data”, but with so much data how do individuals consume relevant content within their field of expertise and stay up to date on the latest news. The answer lies in adopting techniques to improve your “Consumption Efficiency” and improvements in efficiency will take you quickly to relevant data ensuring the time that you spend consuming content is done on unique or new topics of interest that is relevant to you and your network or hitting the “Content Hotspot”.

So why are there always some people within your network that always seem to hit “The Hotspot” and regularly have interesting and unique content to share making them more influential as sources of Buzz within your field of expertise? In researching the daily habits of a number of influencers it is apparent that in order to become more efficient Influencers are very mindful in how they spend their time in the content consumption department, with many spending less than two hours a day. As influencers you will also find that they are content producers so too much time spent consuming takes them away from this important task. They do not over follow and choose to spend their time focusing on a small number of sources that from their experience consistently link them to new or important information.

So if you are looking to improve your consumption efficiency in 2013, you may want to review the content sources that you follow, if you struggle to consume the information that they are sharing within the small amount of time that you have each day then delete the ones that are providing you with no value. In doing so this could be your most efficient start to the year in staying relevant within your field of expertise.

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