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If you leave the door open when you poo then you will not relate to the latest radio ads promoting t

In case you have missed it, Kim Dotcom is expected to unveil file-locker service Mega and sister service Megabox at his Auckland mansion on January 20, which happens to be the anniversary of his arrest on copyright and “racketeering” charges.

So why all the excitement?

The first reason is that anyone who is surrounded by controversy like Kim Dotcom attracts a lot of media attention and it appears that many technology journalist and bloggers have been invited to the mansion. As a result there is lots of content discussing the big event and sharing sneak peeks of the Mega interface that Kim Dotcom is leaking across Social Media.

The second reason is that there is a rumour that Kim Dotcom will not be charging for the service but users will get access to Megabox by downloading the Megakey application which will serve up ads on the website that users visit through the Mega ad servers. As a result it is believed that this ad substituting software will infringe the copyright of the websites that the advertisements will appear, giving another reason for US authorities to once again go after him.

This is a good reason for the hype if this type of technology had not been around for a long time. For years Facebook and Google have had issues with Adware, with Apps like PageRage, BuzzDock and DropDownDeals displaying ads across their sites for which they are not receiving revenue. If you have installed these Apps then you will find in my view annoying advertisements displayed along the border of the website that you are visiting and as pop ups.

The only other reason for the hype could be the interesting radio advertising where Mega has pushed the privacy angle and have described the service as “pants for the Internet” as well as making the statement that you “do not leave the door open when you do a poo poo so why would you leave your files exposed on the Internet”. Many New Zealanders will not hear the ads now that radio and TV network Mediaworks has just terminated 500 scheduled advertisements this week in what is believed to be pressure from music labels according to Kim.

Whatever the reason for the excitement I believe my invitation to the mansion must have got lost in the mail.


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