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Like or share this post if your boss is an idiot, your friends are idiots and you are an idiot. I am

I just want to set the record straight, social media does work and people do share content. The reason I have been motivated to make this comment comes off the back of receiving another one of those posts asking me to “like or share” the post so that they can either:

  1. Prove to their boss that social media does work and people do actually share content

  2. Win a bet with their friends

  3. To see if anyone who is connected to them is reading this post.

I feel it is now important to provide some assistance to those who have created such a post in the past, and to those who will feel motivated to test the Internet in the future.

Point 1: Your boss is an idiot If you need to conduct this type of experiment to prove to your boss that people do actually share content within social media and he or she accepts that this is an effective way to demonstrate that social media may be relevant to the organisation that they manage then your boss is an idiot. My recommendation is to resign effective immediately, it will be a better outcome than actually going through with such a pointless exercise.

Point 2: Your friends are idiots We all do some pretty stupid things to win bets and I have done many in my time. So if this is what you need to do to win a bet with your friends then I will not stand in your way. Just make sure that they pay up as your friends who accept this bet are idiots and depending on the wager at stake they may have difficulty in understanding their true obligations back to you when they lose. As an example, as I write this I have just read a post on Mashable about a Norwegian guy who sourced a million likes just to get laid, I am hoping for him that his girlfriend honours this bet, and it is good, as this image will be sure to haunt both of them for the rest of their adult life.

Point 3: You are an idiot If you want someone who is following you to read your post you first need to share interesting and relevant content, I would not classify the “like this post” as interesting or relevant. The truth is that your network will not be waiting by the Internet to read your post but if you take the time to build a positive reputation maybe sometime in the future they will read something you post and even post a comment back to you. But please be patient as this usually takes time, unless of course you post is an attempt to get laid.

I have not categorised parents who accept a challenge from their children to buy them a puppy if they get a million likes to a post as an idiot. As a parent myself I know that children drive you crazy and in many cases you cannot be held responsible for your actions. The only recommendation for these parents make sure that you craft the post so that you commit anyone who likes it to provide some financial or physical support for the care of the animal. Your kids are not going to walk the dog but with a million “Likes” I am sure that you could create a walk the dog roster from these people ensuring that the dog is walked every day for its entire life.

Hopefully this post has helped many people, for all of those who have liked or shared one of these types of posts I will deal with you all later.

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