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In Digital Marketing every day is Super Bowl day!

It is Super Bowl time, which means there is a buzz in anticipation of the creative advertisements that will be created to leverage the excessively expensive advertising spots organisations purchase during the game.

For me every day in 2013 is going to be as exciting as the lead up to the Super Bowl, the reason is that it will be the year all marketers will begin to understand a key requirement in the simple formula for leveraging the Internet for marketing is creativity. With creativity will become new and exciting campaigns as the best marketing minds across many organisations identify ways to drive engagement with their audience every day of the year.

Now I am not saying that there has been a lack of creativity in digital marketing, I believe it has been the opposite with some amazing creative campaigns executed by many organisations in the last few years and I have profiled many examples within this blog. What there has been is an amazing amount of crap as it seems that every marketer in every organisation became a digital marketing guru overnight and started delivering requirements that allowed poorly executed creative/content litter the social space.

The good news is that most have learnt that driving results from social marketing is not as easy first expected and while there are many reasons why there will be an added focus on creativity in 2013 here a just a couple of points that will help rationalise my view:

1. Changes to the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm was not about getting more $$.

The EdgeRank algorithm is how Facebook automagically filters posts in and out of your stream with the objective to ensure that engagement is optimised and spam is minimised. When Facebook introduced changes to this algorithm that allowed brands increase reach for important post many marketers started social riots claiming that this was just a way for Facebook to get more revenue.

The truth is that this was not about forcing brands to pay to reach their audience and drive up revenue for Facebook, it was a change to demonstrate to brands that just by having someone like your page does not provide you with the right to spam them with whatever useless content you think is semi interesting. So if marketers want to leverage Facebook and get value from their advertising investment they have to engage their audience, and to engage an audience you need to be creative!

2. YouTube rewards creativity not crap.

In terms of media consumption you will find YouTube in many markets is one of the highest providing a great opportunity for all digital marketers. The good news is that you only pay for advertising if a user views your ad, the bad news is that with the “Skip Ad” button displayed prominently in the bottom right hand corner of the player if you have not engaged the audience very quickly your ad will not be seen.

To assist us understand what visitors to YouTube are actually viewing the team at Google have released a leader board profiling the most viewed ads from the US. The motivation for many when watching this would be the realisation of the opportunity YouTube can deliver only if the ad being delivered to the viewer is creative.

So go forth and be creative I look forward to profiling my favourite creative campaigns during the year, and good luck to whatever teams are playing in the 2013 Super Bowl!

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