• Michael Weeding

Is it time to embrace the “Idiot Post” as an effective marketing technique?

I have accepted defeat, my recent post “Like or share this post if your boss is an idiot, your friends are idiots and you are an idiot” has not stopped the “like this” posts as in the last week I have been exposed to at least a dozen of these requests. Just to set the record straight I never thought for a minute I was going to have any impact in stopping the stupidity, so I am going to embrace this phenomenon I call the “Idiot Post” and report on how both individuals and marketers are using this creative technique to drive a following.

My favourite to date is still Petter Kverneng requesting one million “likes” to get laid, but Blush Boutique Miami has really raised the bar and created a marketing campaign where they are trying to get one million “likes” on its Facebook page to keep a model dressed for life. If it reaches that goal, Annabel Bianca will receive free merchandise from the South Miami shop for the rest of her life.

At this stage it appears that Annabel is far away from achieving her goal but before you criticise her efforts she has created exposure for this shop well beyond anything they could have ever planned from their traditional marketing with WSVN News profiling her attempt in the local news. I am now waiting for the rogue campaign that will actually keep Annabel undressed for the rest of her life as that will probably get more exposure than the main campaign, even though it will be driven by young males which is not the shops target market.

With businesses using this technique as a component of their marketing strategy I am now looking forward to see what stupidity will come next, then again maybe I am being too critical and there is some value in the “Idiot Post” for both individuals and businesses.


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