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Hand Talk, now this is a really good example of how the Smartphone is being used to change people’s

The Smartphone has changed the world in which we live, we hear it every day it is printed in all the content that we read, and opportunities are presented at every conference we attend. As a result we are all busy finding ways to adapt this technology into the businesses that we manage, we are looking for the opportunities to drive efficiencies while improving customer experience and engagement. So it is true the Smartphone has changed the world but the real question is are we using this technology to really change people’s lives?

The winner and runners up in the m-Inclusion & Empowerment category at the World Summit Mobile Awards 2013 can all answer yes to the question above. The awards are founded on the principles of the Geneva World Summit on the Information Society 2003, where UN nations committed to making IT more people-centred and to strive to use IT to fight poverty, hunger and improve health and education and there were some amazingly creative apps that featured this year that all adhere to these principles.

The winning application was Hand Talk from Brazil, which is described by the developers as a Digital Solution for Social Inclusion and is an application for deaf people that translates speeches and conversations, captured through the phone’s microphone, into the deaf sign language. Hugo the virtual interpreter can convert virtually anything from text, audio or pictures into sign language, this includes SMS messages, a conversation and a book or magazine.

When you think about the opportunities an application such as this will bring to the people who will use it there is a realisation for me that while we have all been busy changing the world we have to be thankful that there are people who are just focusing on trying to change people’s lives.

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