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I cannot see a link between Zuckerberg’s Law and the Law of Diminishing Returns

When a social marketing campaign does not hit the numbers it is time to find some answers. You have to be creative in your reasoning and explanation to your team and manager, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise but be warned this is not a good time to quote Zuckerberg’s Law and link this to the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns which appears to becoming a popular exercise. It sounds like a solid strategy but I think the decision to take this approach is a real mistake.

Back in 2008 Zuckerberg stated that people will share twice as much information as they share this year, and next year, they will be sharing twice as much as they did the year before. This became known as Zuckerberg’s Law and while it was meant to highlight the opportunity for the growth of Facebook it has now been referenced by many as one of the reasons advertising across Facebook and other social channels may fail. With people and brands sharing more and more content and with humans having a relatively short attention span then the more content means the less that people will actually consume. With that there must be a point where the number of followers that you have and the effort in content that you generate or share will now become less effective than it was before, hence the link to the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns.

While this may apply to production lines, pricing or adding fertiliser to a field I cannot see how there could be a link between this law and the opportunity a brand or individual can extract from sustained activity within the social channels. I am not saying that gaining traction through social is easy and your reward for effort at times will be disproportionate to your investment but in the long run the opportunities should keep growing as you continue to learn the best techniques to increase engagement with your followers and open the door to new people and networks. As a result I fail to see how it would ever be possible to identify the point of diminishing margin returns unless of course you had the entire social population across the globe engaged in your brand.

It is just that no two campaigns will have the same reward for effort, while you spend a great deal of time developing what you think is a creative that will become an instant hit only to find out you have been trumped by a meme of a cat. It is now time you just realise that social media marketing is not easy and you will need to be confident that if you build a solid strategy in the long term you will learn to generate continued success despite Zuckerberg’s Law. I would be interested to hear your view?

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