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And the Oscar for predicting the result using Social Media goes to…Brandwatch

If you follow the Oscars you would have seen a number of predications of the winners based on the monitoring of social media that was published in the days before the event. With the amount of buzz associated with the Oscars it is not a bad strategy to find some way to be become part of the conversation and with the winners announced I thought it would be good to analyse a few who made predictions across the main categories and see how good they were at predicting the true outcome.

Best Picture – Argo Brandwatch Social Oscars: Argo The Meltwater Group: Argo General Sentiment: Argo Taykey: Les Miserables

Best Actor – Daniel Day Lewis Brandwatch Social Oscars: Daniel Day Lewis The Meltwater Group: Daniel Day Lewis General Sentiment: Daniel Day Lewis Taykey: Denzel Washington

Best Actress – Jennifer Lawrence Brandwatch Social Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence The Meltwater Group: Jennifer Lawrence General Sentiment: Emmanuelle Riva Taykey: Jennifer Lawrence

Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz Brandwatch Social Oscars: Christoph Waltz The Meltwater Group: Christoph Waltz General Sentiment: No prediction Taykey: Christoph Waltz

Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway Brandwatch Social Oscars: Anne Hathaway The Meltwater Group: Anne Hathaway General Sentiment: No prediction Taykey: Anne Hathaway

Best Director – Ang Lee Brandwatch Social Oscars: Steven Spielberg The Meltwater Group: Steven Spielberg General Sentiment: No prediction Taykey: Steven Spielberg

So it appears that Social Media only struggled to decisively predict the result across the Best Director category with the winner for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor being unanimously correct. The award has to go to Brandwatch Social Oscars, not only did they have a good success rate at predicting the winners the way that they graphed and presented the results across their site was also first class.

So next year before your place your bets or enter your nominations into the office pool it may be a good idea to check out who is predicted to win from the social media buzz.


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