• Michael Weeding

We need to evolve as fast as consumers are experiencing.

Experiences shape your life and they shape the world in which we live, but in the world today people’s behaviour are commonly based on the experiences of their network rather than experiences of their own. I was sceptical to upgrade the OS on my iPhone as a result of the experiences of my network in regard to Apple Maps. When I search for a new game for my children for the iPad I will never purchase one that has less than 3 stars. I do not even read the comments, this alone is enough for me to form my opinion, although I do not worry about the rating if the App is free.

For those of us who work in technology we have to understand that it is human nature for people to learn to dislike what they once liked. This is probably one of the reasons why the human race has evolved, if we enjoyed living in caves and never wanted more from our lives we may still be living in caves today. The digital experience that is acceptable to customers now will not be acceptable to them in the future. By then their expectations have changed, they have had new experiences and as a result they want more from the brands which they engage. We need to evolve as fast as consumers are experiencing.

The challenge that we have is that if my opinion about a product or service is shaped by experiences of my network and this will determine my behaviour, then the speed of evolution for improvements needs to be as fast as the first detractor. I call this the “magnetic field theory”, just as the opposite poles of a magnet attract, the detractors in today’s world have a unique ability to influence those who have never had the experience themselves as this is when people are most vulnerable to accepting the views of people they may have never met nor trust.

As we try to introduce new experiences to our customers the detractors create a bigger challenge than that of correcting the issues that may have created the negative experience in the first place. We need to create an environment for those who are yet to experience feel safe to do so whatever the detractors may promote, after all it is better to experience than never experience at all.


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