• Michael Weeding

For mobile advertising, marketers need to meet Facebook half way…

It has been an interesting week with both Facebook and LinkedIn presenting their first quarter results and this gives us the opportunity to get an insider view to the operations of these organisation. What was most interested is the report that over 700 million of Facebook’s users have engaged with the platform using the mobile phone which highlights the opportunity that Facebook has in delivering a solution that all marketers crave, an effective way to utilise the mobile for advertising. Tapping into the mobile and tablet advertising market has been a real focus for Facebook and they appear to be getting results with mobile advertising revenue making up 30% of their ad revenue, up 23% from the previous quarter according to Bloomberg.

Facebook seems to accept that relevancy and appropriateness of advertising is the biggest challenge to delivering effective mobile advertising and Sheryl Sandberg was quoted in the earnings call as saying that they are working on solutions that will generate Ads that feel like content from a friend. Whether or not you believe they can deliver products that can achieve this, results will only be realised when marketers utlise these services effectively. It comes down to creativity and content, the point is do not sit back and wait for what you think is an effective solution to become available before you do anything. Start now by finding an effective way for you to use content to engage with your networks.


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