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Mobile commerce looks to have got a little more interesting with the new of the launch of the Buy An

Many retailers have had a lot to complain about in the past year with showrooming being one of the most discussed topics as traditional retailers attempt to devise strategies to manage the competition presented by cheaper online alternatives. Today I think all retailers in the US have a lot to think about with the news of the launch of the Buy Android API that was profiled at the Google I/O 2013 conference. US developers can now bring instant payment service to native Android Apps.

So for online retailers this should become an important part of their mobile commerce strategy. The API provides an effective solution that will allow consumers to purchase with a single click through the mobile device, something that has been lacking from retail apps in the past and Expedia and Priceline are just some who have already started to integrate this solution into the mobile apps.

For traditional bricks and mortar retailers you would have to think that this will also provide them with an opportunity to speed up the checkout process through their store, without the need for complicated contactless solutions and remove the requirement of paying additional fees. This is definitely an interesting space to watch as this is sure to come to Australia soon.

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