• Michael Weeding

What does a razor blade and a mobile app have in common?

With consumers spending on average 2 hours a day on smartphones and tablets and 80% of that time is spent inside Apps for many organisation an App is an essential part of their strategy for driving an increase in customer engagement.

Now for the bad news.

The App is for a consumer a disposable item, it holds little value to them. It is up to you to convince a customer that your App can deliver value to their lives and you do not have that much time to do it. In fact in many cases you only get one shot at it, as 26% of Apps are only ever used once.

The problem is the App world is fast becoming a crowded marketplace and as a result you have many apps that are competing for a consumer’s time and a position within the App Pile on their phone. When Flurry released their 5 year report they found that only 63% of the Apps that were in use in Q4 were new and not available to consumers in previous years. I understand this has a lot to do with the availability of many new Apps but the issue still remains, if your App was on a customer’s phone at the beginning of the year it does not gurantee it will still be there by the end.

So the challenge is to keep a customer engaged, while the solutions to do this will be varied depending on the service being provided the key point is that this task is made more difficult if the perceived value of the App is low from the start. One bad experience increases the proximity of the delete button and this needs to accepted as a key challenge by those developing your mobile strategies long before the start of any development.

The result may be that you find an App may not be right for your business.

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