• Michael Weeding

Will poor creative ad executions devalue Facebook as a marketing channel?

Facebook announced this week that they now has 1 million active advertiser and according to Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small business the majority of these advertisers are small businesses.

What is great about a site such as Facebook, it provides an affordable opportunity for smaller businesses to effectively participate in online marketing. But will this be good for Facebook in the long run as they try to secure a piece of the bigger marketing budgets from larger organisations?

What has heightened my concern is a suggested post in my timeline this week promoting “Fun at Forty” (just to focus on one example). It is probably an effective campaign to promote its services to single, over 40 guys who are looking for that special girl. The reality is it is a poor creative ad execution, unless of course you like looking at large breasts, and it has been targeted to anyone over 40, including married blokes like myself.

This type of execution takes me back 15 years to a time when I had developed an email marketing program and was working with many businesses to deliver email marketing campaigns. The problem I discovered was that this was a harder sell than I expected, the reason was email as a channel had been devalued by SPAM. It seemed everyone had received the “penis enlarger” email on a regular basis and many marketers had concerns on using this channel as a result.

So will the poor creative executions from a small number of businesses who do not care for quality or reputation make this channel less attractive to marketers with bigger budgets, or will Facebook find a way to manage ad quality across all advertisers?


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