• Michael Weeding

Reservation Flop

We live in a world of instant gratification and with so much information at out fingertips than ever before are we becoming so use to getting what we want when we want it that we will disregard how it is that the service we are using is being provided? That was my first thought when I came across ReservationHop.

ReservationHop will make reservations in advance at some of San Francisco’s hottest restaurants, and then allow users to claim those reservations up until four hours ahead of time, for a price that increases the closer to the time of the booking.

The reaction to this service has been quite hostile as you would expect with much of it focused towards the founder Brian Mayer.

The real issue is if the service is so wrong why would people want to use it? If they do and it is a success does it means our desires for instant gratification far outweighs our desires to do what is right. So what then would you do if you rang a restaurant for a booking and was told they were full, but the same booking was available on ReservationHop for $5?

It could be argued this is no different to our want for the latest and greatest Smartphone which drives us to renew our phones every 18 months. How often before making this decision do we stop to consider the impact to the environment?

So the real problem is Brian has built a service that he thinks is valuable on the premise that consumers will make decisions based on what is right for them. It is scary to think based on this logic what will come next from startups.


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