• Michael Weeding

Following Apple’s earnings through social media was like watching a game of tennis through a telesco

My social media timelines was being peppered with information related to the 3rd quarter earning results for Apple this morning. As would be expected with anything to do with Apple there was a lot of information posted and as I bounced around the reports it made my dizzy.

For the optimists it was a positive result with reports of slightly better than expected profit driven by the sales of the iPhone in which they sold 32.2 million.

For the pessimists profit was down 22% from the same period a year earlier and the average sale price was lower at $581, compared with $608 a year ago. Further adding weight to their negative view of the results was the fact that the Mac sales dropped 7% from 4.02 million to 3.75 million. The Mac sales are the worst they have been for a very long time.

So with Apple being a brand that is either loved or loathed the social streams reporting the results took hold of the message that best fit their affection towards the brand. So for some the flat result is a lull before the storm when they bring out some innovative products that will once again disrupt markets, for other it is the start of the demise!

Whatever your view the share market seemed to like the results with Apple shares rising 4%.


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