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Are you ready for the end of the Password as we know it?

Are you ready for the end of the password as we know it? In a matter of weeks Apple will announce the release date of the iPhone 5s. If speculation is true and the “s” stands for security then this provides Apple an opportunity to potentially realise their $US356 million investment in AuthenTec and roll out a finger print scanner to replace the home button. If they do, this would have to be a major step forward in the demise of the alphanumeric password.

So we all hate passwords, they are difficult to remember and in most cases we use the same password for everything. Alphanumeric passwords are no longer secure and as a result there are a number of initiatives that are being rolled out across many industries utilising two factor authentication to combat this problem. The issue with these solutions is that in most cases they inconvenience the user.

If a fingerprint can be used to access your phone as a replacement to the current 4 digit password then it will be the start of a new experience for consumers where security and convenience are both simultaneously enhanced. So your site that keeps asking for an alphanumeric password as well as other factors of authentication just became even more inconvenient than they are today.

While much of the discussion on this technology has focused on the scanner replacing the home button the fingerprint technology may not only be about security for Apple but open up a new way of navigating through the phone. Only weeks ago they lodged a patent for fingerprint technology embedded in the touchscreen. AuthenTec’s technology is so smart, it can differentiate your fingers, so a user could assign various functions to different fingers, such as playing music, opening emails etc.

I have promoted in the past that we have to move as fast as consumer are experiencing, and if the use of the fingerprint becomes a commonly accepted way to authenticate and navigate through the iPhone and other mobile devices then the clock has started ticking for all who provide services through these devices to provide similar solutions.

So if this is the case, what are you doing to ensure that you are not going to be left behind?

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