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So who is going to give Apple the finger?

A hot topic of discussions around Apples launch on September 10th is focused on the introduction of fingerprint sensor that is tipped to replace the current home button. Since posting “Are you ready for the end of the Password as we know it?” the feedback I have received from some is that no one will want to give Apple their fingerprint, as they would be concerned that a company like Apple would have access to this type of personal data.

So if they are to roll out this technology a good bet is that initially this information will be stored on the device itself as opposed to the cloud, at least for now. The next point is that they will not store or transmit the prints in photographic form, they would be encrypted through a digital signature. This will enable them to store fingerprints without collecting the fingerprints themselves.

The next point is convenience, if through the fingerprint this opens the door for consumers to access more innovative services delivered more conveniently history has already demonstrated that for this they are already willing to provide more personal data than they ever have in the past. So why not add a fingerprint to this already bulging database of personal information.

It is not just Apple that has been linked to next generation biometric fingerprint technology. It was expected this week that Samsung would reveal this as a feature of their Smartphones at the Samsung IFA event this week in Germany which they did not do. So in the battle between Apple and Samsung all eyes now be on Apple to see whether they can get one up on Samsung and actually deliver the finger at next week’s conference.

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