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iPhone 5S + Touch ID + no developer access = Apple is on a path to control their own payment ecosyst

So Apple have finally announced the features of their flagship phone the 5S. In case you missed it they delivered the most talked about rumour and changed the home button to a fingerprint scanner, which they are calling “Touch ID”. Here is what else that is coming with the iPhone 5S that is probably not that much of a surprise:

  • A faster phone with better graphics performance delivered with A7 64-bit chip with over a billion transistors inside.

  • A chip named the M7 which continuously monitors data from the gyroscope, compass and the accelerometer. Apple says this will enable health-monitoring and fitness apps to gather data more accurately.

  • They have also improved battery life that will support 10 hours of LTE, video, talk time and 250 stand by hours and provided a better camera, which is something that you always get in a new phone.

  • There has been no radical change in the design as the iPhone still retains the exact same form factor and screen size.

So there will be plenty of news around the fingerprint scanner, so here is some information on this new technology:

  • It will recognise multiple fingerprints so the phone can be shared.

  • It will never be made available to other software on the device.

  • It will be used to unlock the phone and be used to make purchases from Apple.

  • The fingerprint will not be stored on Apple servers.

So what is the big news generated by Touch ID:

The first is that this is the start of the end of the password as we know it. Consumers are now going to get use to a new way of being able to authenticate themselves, an experience that in the coming years will become the expected norm.

Developers are not going to get access to the fingerprint technology as this is something that Apple are going to control, so the expectation that this could assist in launching mobile payments is not going to be a reality, unless of course you are Apple. So you would expect that they have something planned in the iPhone 6 that will bring the final piece of the mobile payment puzzle together.

There will be a group of people who will be concerned that the fingerprint technology will potentially mean that this will generate a new wave in crime with fingers being chopped off to access the phone. Really!! I mean REALLY!!

As they say good things take time, so for those who are looking for technology that will somehow catapult mobile payments to mainstream then I guess you will all need to start looking towards the next release. In my view I think they are on the right track and are putting the necessary building blocks in place, it is just that this path is a journey for them to control their own payments ecosystem, and I guess this will not make too many people very happy. Unless of course you are Apple.

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