• Michael Weeding

The Internet of Shiny HTML5 Things

The Internet is a wonderful thing and organisations have always been excited by the opportunities it has created. For those who have worked for many years in the digital arena the great thing about the Internet is that it has always presented us with an array of shiny things of which to play. The opportunity to explore new things and drive change is the cornerstone of a successful digital entrepreneur or intrepreneur.

Even though it is not new, the shiny thing for now is HTML5 and the excitement around the opportunity this provides is understandable. The ability to deliver cool interactions has faded away over the years as with the introduction of the Smartphone developers have been forced to focus on delivering content that behaved consistently across devices and platforms, and HTML5 is now opening the door for a bit of cool to return.

Of course the fear is going to be that we will return to the day when animations ruled the web as it did when Flash was at the top of the menu and user experience will be compromised as the shiny new thing becomes a developer’s toy to deliver impact over usability. The fear is valid as there are some examples of pretty poor executions already out there.

My message is do not be afraid, while we will see the return of the intro loading screens, the animated pop ups and maybe even that old favourite the background music I believe that these will not be the norm. Through analytics we now have a deeper understanding of ways to measure customer engagement than we did a decade ago and even for those who get distracted by the shiny thing and stray too far down the path of cool there is a reality check lurking, and it is called the customer.

So enjoy your shiny new toy and explore opportunities but measure, measure and measure as success should not be determined by your subjective view of what is cool but the value it brings to customer engagements.


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