• Michael Weeding

For everything Samsung want to be, Apple they are not when it comes to choice.

So you have decided to buy a new Smartphone, for many once this decision has been made the choice of which phone to buy will be relatively easy to make, although for others the decision will be laboured on for weeks as all functions and features are analysed and compared.

In other words if you are buying an iPhone your choice is simple, if you are buying a Samsung phone you have a much bigger task to decide which phone is right you’re you. Samsung has released over 20 new Android phones this year alone, each with some new feature. The Galaxy S4 has contributed to the flood of new phones with 5 different version released throughout the year. It would also be safe to assume that there will be more Samsung phones released before the end of the year.

I have always been interested in the psychology of choice and believe it should be considered when trying to optimise the path to purchase and customer satisfaction post purchase. When people are faced with having to choose one option out of many desirable choices, they will begin to consider hypothetical trade-offs. This then alters the way they feel about the decisions that they make and can have a negative impact on satisfaction.

So in an effort to have the latest and greatest have Samsung decided to ignore the harmful effects of negative emotion on decision making and will this prevent them from ever competing with Apple when it comes to customer satisfaction and brand affinity?

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