• Michael Weeding

Red Leather Pants, a moment that was not a scheduled part of the Twitter Australia launch.

What I have always loved about social media is the opportunity it creates for random things to happen. So when attending the Twitter Australia launch with the sales team hosting an event in Sydney yesterday I was drawn to what appeared to be a random tweet advertising Red Leather Pants by @CosmoShoesAu using the Twitter Australia hashtag #twitteraustralia.

It was random in that it at the time the content of this hashtag was all about the event, so red leather pants seemed a little out of place if you were following the feed, unless of course you were wearing a pair, which I was not.

For many it may have been ignored as it could have been viewed as irrelevant advertising from a post utilising the hashtag as at the time as it was trending in Sydney. But for someone like me who sees relevance in the irrelevant at the time this tweet was posted Shailesh Rao had just finished discussing how Twitter is about moments and that moments matter. Moments do not need to be big, such as the news that a plane has crashed into the Hudson River, they can also be small and irrelevant.

So it was fun, to use the moment to take for many what was irrelevant and turn this into something relevant for at least a few people who attended the event. After all it is the opportunities to take any moment and make it engaging that makes twitter such a great platform.

It could have been worst, I could have gone on about Dancing with the Stars host @DanMacPherson paper underwear. That is probably a moment that I am sure he hopes remains in the past so I will leave that to someone else.


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