• Michael Weeding

When all this content becomes too much information?

The amount of content being generated every minute across the Internet is enormous, you could consume all day and not even touch the surface. So a common question that I have been asked is when does all this content become too much information? The answer I believe is simple, when the content loses relevance.

When consumers engage in social media they will more than likely go straight to the sources of the most relevant content, despite having many options from which to browse. The most relevant will probably fill a need for a certain type of information or an experience, such as humour or connecting with friends on Facebook.

But the consumers’ needs and tastes are going to evolve and unless the content moves with the consumer then the relevancy may only be short lived.

This is not a problem if the content that is being created is targeted to serve a single purpose but if the focus is to grow an audience and facilitate participation then the content strategy must accommodate the evolving needs of their consumers.

This will be the challenge for more and more brands as they enter the content creation arena. While they may be able to generate activity around the content that they produce if they do not create engagement and participation from their audience then the results for their efforts will more than likely disappoint.

So the next few years are going to be interesting to watch, without relevance in the content that the brands produce there will be just too much information.


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