• Michael Weeding

The Android Curse

It is a common question, where does Android fit into your digital strategy. If you live in Australia the answer to this question is easy, “we are focusing on iOS as this is the dominant operating system.”

The real answer is “holy crap, it is difficult to develop for Android”. Think about all the handsets, the different ways these handsets functions, the different integration of the software across all these handsets, the security concerns and add to that the complexity for a user of Android to upgrade the OS.

I mean just to highlight the complexity check out the different button combinations across Android devices. This makes it impossible to rely of these buttons to perform some functions as the experience may be different for everyone.

Just to add to the curse of Android at a recent Business Insiders Ignite event the growth of Android on a global level was presented. Here are just some of what was reported:

We are past the point of being fearful of the fragmentation of the Android platform, we need to stand up and confront the Android curse. It looks as if the opportunity to hide behind the dominance of iOS as an effective justification for focusing mainly on the iOS platform in any market is coming to end.

To help you along I have come up with this spell to remove the Android curse, so give it a try next time you are alone. Repeat “Be gone Android fragmentation, Google we rely on you to take some authority and implement stronger processes” 3 times when standing on your head and while balancing and Android smartphone and tablet on each foot.

Let’s see if that makes our lives a little bitter, sorry I mean better?


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