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If you have more than one stylus in your shirt pocket you have accepted the social dilemma’s of wear

If the topic of wearable technology it excites you it is probably appropriate for me to warn you that the issues you may face when you enter this world goes deeper than the personal challenge you may face when you decide to release your inner geek. So what should you know?

Privacy is the hottest topic, if you whack on a pair of Google Glasses and start walking around the streets you are going to see the world from a whole new lense, and one of those lenses is sure to be that of a lot of concerned people looking at you. The concern is not limited to how you look, or the look of intrigue, but concern focused around what you could be photographing. I am sure that this concern will be greater during the times you enter a public toilet.

You do not have to look far to find examples of issues created around this concern. The buzz created around Nick Starr who was recently asked to leave a Seattle restaurant “The Lost Lake Café” for refusing not to remove his Google Glasses was that this is acceptable as the glasses represent an invasion of privacy for the other people inside the restaurant.

You do not want to get pulled over by Police while wearing a pair as well. Cecilia Abadie is the first person in the US to be fined for using technology when driving when the police officer who pulled her over for speeding noticed she was wearing Glass, she is now defending this charge in court.

The least obvious right now is the data it collects. The more wearable technology that you use, the more information that can be mashed together to form a view of just not what you do but more importantly how and when you do it. Great if you want to prove that you deserve a cheaper rate on your life insurance policy, bad if you are already paranoid about the amount of data that is being collected about you and being used by organisations today.

So if your biggest concern is still just the fear of releasing your inner geek, then I guess you have nothing to worry about. The only problem now, is one stylus in your shirt pocket enough?


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