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Location Based Demand, are you ready?

Consumers expectations are formed from the experiences that they are having right now. That means that an experience that was acceptable to me yesterday may not be ok tomorrow. As a result I believe that in the digital world we have to be prepared to evolve as fast as consumers are experiencing.

Which brings me to the topic of online advertising which is going through massive changes at a very fast rate.

As consumers shift their web browsing from the desktop to the connected device the traditional models of online advertising just no longer work. Banner ads are intrusive when displayed on a mobile device and are not as effective as the traditional placements.

As a result the race is on to improve the effectiveness of online advertising as consumer behaviour changes. The formula is simple, make any form of advertising highly relevant at the right time which explains all the efforts to enable location based advertising.

The trend for technology organisation right now seems to be to acquire a location base marketing start up in an effort to try to deliver targeted advertising services and capture some of the advertising revenue that was once spent in the world of traditional online advertising.

So why should you care?

The rapid improvement in location based advertising will create a need for location based demand as highly relevant and timely advertising becomes the norm, and all you have to drive new business through your digital platforms is generic banner ad placements.

Effectiveness will be delivered through more intelligent engagements not just creative executions, so the challenge now is to ensure you are prepared for location based demand and I hate to be the one to tell you this but generic banner ads are just not going to cut it.

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