• Michael Weeding

Both of these christmas Ads will make you want to cry!

The Super Bowl is not the only time of the year reserved for creative advertising spots, Christmas is also a time when brands through their advertising have an opportunity connect with the consumer. I am sure personal technology will once again be a popular Christmas present so as a result you would expect that this is the time of the year that brands like Samsung and Apple will be out in force. So what did they come up with?

The brief would have been the same for both, connect with consumers on an emotional level, demonstrate real world value for the products that they hold in their hands. Make the consumer cry!!

The brief was achieved by both and as a result of viewing their ads there will be consumers across the world with a tear in their eye. In Apple’s case this is because it connects with the consumer on a personal level.

In the case of Samsung there is no way any consumer should connect personally with this advertising, unless you are a stalker and like to take photos of girls that you do not really know. So as a result you will cry with laughter or you will either cry with despair that someone would think that making an ad this bad is a good idea!! You be the judge.

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