• Michael Weeding

Removing creepy from location enabled features.

Location, location, location, is a phrase that seems to be associated more with social media than it is with property and the reason for this is that within social media location matters. So as consumers should we be excited about this or scared?

There are many Apps offering location-enabled features with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being the most well-known. But before you panic about privacy it is important to remember that these features are not only about building databases filled with information to deliver effective hyper local targeted marketing, but to deliver relevance to you.

As our lives become littered with more and more information that is being broadcasts through all our social media engagements it is becoming more and more difficult to determine those which are most relevant. One of the filters that I find myself using more than ever as I scan across this information is location.

A post promoting an upcoming event or a friendly warning about bad weather approaching when the location of the person publishing this is on the other side of the world instantly has no relevance and in most cases is ignored.

Pictures of you and your family enjoying a relaxing holiday is nice, but as most of these posts never actually say where in the world this amazing place is located we are forced to relate to the experience through identifying the location through local landmarks in the photos. Fortunately without any distinguishing landmarks it is the details of your post that provides the answers to you location.

(Note: If you are one of those people who like to keep the place you holiday a secret which is why the details are kept to a minimum then here is some advice, do not post your holiday album on social media.)

I am not denying that the real focus for location services is that of delivering hyper local marketing services, but let’s not forget you have the choice to turn it off. It is up to the Apps that you use to create features enabled through location to create relevance and value, and guess what, something that is valuable somehow no longer seems creepy!

Or maybe it is still creepy, but just creepy in a good way.

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