• Michael Weeding

The “Idiot Post”, it’s no longer about getting laid but farming likes.

Facebook is all about likes and the Like algorithm is Facebook’s way of working out if content is of any value to users. So it is no surprise then to learn that getting likes, shares or comments is an important part of anyone trying to build a profile as all these metrics contribute to the EdgeRank score. So it should be no surprise to find out that there are scammers out there who are trying to farm likes and comments through dodgy posts and it is likely you have been tricked into commenting. So what is an “idiot post” and how do you avoid being scammed?

The first point to note is the “idiot post” was not always been about like farming. In the early days of the Idiot Post there were just some people who were trying to get likes with no real strategy behind the post except for the fact they were just idiots. My favourite was Petter Kverneng who posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend holding a sign requesting one million “likes” so that his girlfriend would sleep with him. My guess is that he will end up regretting this post for the rest of his life.

But the idiot post has matured and become a little more sinister. If you are asked to comment on the first word you see in an image of an eye test have you ever stopped to wonder what is in it for you?

If you did then you would work out that there is no benefit to you in commenting, the benefit actually lies with the page owner who through enticing you to comment has started to build a page that is worth money on the Facebook black market. Once they have acquired enough likes or comments the page will be sold, the page will be updated and the new owner has a page with a great EdgeRank score and lots of followers. With this they can start to spam.

The good news is that the majority of posts out there on Facebook are legitimate but beware of the idiot post, as it is no longer about getting laid but all about farming likes.


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