• Michael Weeding

The Blackberry P9982, what were they thinking?

So you had your heart set on getting a Blackberry Porsche designed P9982 from Santa last Christmas, and as you were really good you may have hoped for the gold plated version that retails for $6,000? Don’t lie, I am guessing you have never heard of this phone and now you know about it you would be left wondering why Blackberry has gone to such lengths to design and build this phone when their organisation is bleeding?

Here is one reason, Porsche has confirmed that they have sold over 130,000 Porsche Design P9981 devices in 2012, it scooped the award as the top product in Harrods in 2012 and was the top selling luxury phone over $1000 ever.

Ok, so you may be asking how many luxury phones are there over $1.000? The only other ones I can find is the Samsung Galaxy Round that has a $1,000 price tag, but you can only get this in South Korea and there is also the Vertu Ti that is sells for $10,000. So probably not that many.

But who cares, Blackberry sold 130,000 of the P9981 suckers, and now try have the P9982 to flog to anyone who has the cash. But what are they buying? Well it appears not much more than the Z10 as the only difference is 64GB of internal storage instead of 16GB and a microSD card slot.

But features mean nothing when the phone is a status symbol and Kanye West owns one. So let’s see how sales of the P9982 will go, my guess will be not very well.


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