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What is the future of the autocomplete now Samsung has been found to be infringing on Apple’s patien

You would be very familiar with the autocomplete function that is ubiquitous with any Smartphone, you start typing a word and recommendations to autocomplete are provided. You should also now be familiar with the fact that the autocomplete is an Apple patent and yesterday it was ruled in a court in California that Samsung has breached the Apple patient. So what does that mean for the good old autocomplete?

The only path now for Samsung if they want to retain this functionality the way it has been built is to challenge in court that the autocomplete patient is invalid. But this affects more than Samsung, it will impact all Android devices which means you would expect to find Google taking an active interest in the next steps of this case.

Autocomplete is an elegant part of using a Smartphone considering the complexity of using the small touchscreen keyboard and it appears Apple were thinking clearly about this back in 2007 when they filed the patient that stated that exactly.

So for non-Apple phones the future for a function that is now an accepted part of the experience when using a Smartphone or Tablet will have to play out in a court if an agreement is not found between the two. As Apple defends its designs vigorously we may just see that the only solution for Samsung is to find another way to use this function that does not violate the Apple patient.

So if re-designing this function is Samsung’s only solution this could have a big impact on the user experience of their devices. So it is going to be very interesting to see how this one plays out with Apple and Samsung executives due to meet in the coming weeks.

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