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Samsung’s flagship phone the Galaxy S5 must be launched with a fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy S5 when it is launched in the next 2 weeks will come with a fingerprint scanner. There should be no debate around this topic because they have no choice, if the flagship phone from Samsung does not have this feature then it is not worth launching. The real interest is how they plan to deliver this feature.

It appears that the phone will have no buttons at all and as a result the fingerprint scanner will be contained within the screen. This means that the scanner will require a swipe rather than a touch and hold as needed with the Apple iPhone 5S.

It is thought that the swipe method of authentication could be more efficient and if you believe the rumours it will also be able to be used across the whole screen as opposed to just a part of the screen.

To deliver a fingerprint scanning solution this way is not easy and other reports suggest that the scanning technology is nowhere near as mature as the technology that is found within the iPhone. But if Samsung have been able to deliver full screen fingerprint scanning functionality and it does work well then they may just have one up on Apple in the authentication wars.

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