• Michael Weeding

Livr, an elaborate hoax that reminds us of the fine line we all tread.

What do you get when your realise that in the technology world there is a fine line between what is plausible and what is absurd? The answer is you create an idea, one that is so ridiculous it almost seems very real and head to SXSW to look for potential investors. This is the story of Livr.

Livr was promoted as a social network designed specifically for drunk people. The idea was if you blow into a breathalyser dongle that attaches to your Smartphone and you fail the test you gain entry to Livr. From here you can connect with drunk people both nearby and around the world.

If it sounds too good to be true you are right, it was an elaborate hoax designed to manipulate the hype that the media create around start-ups.

The creators of the idea was Brandon Bloch and Brandon Schmittling. The idea was brought to life after Bloch spent some time at the 2013 CES and after walking the tradeshow floor he could not tell if many Apps being promoted were fake or real, or if it really mattered anyway as everyone was so into the hype of it.

Maybe it is not only about critiquing the start-up culture but a reminder to all who work in technology that the line we all tread is very fine between designing and developing a solution that actually has some practical uses and those which are just plain stupid.

What makes this even more crazier is that despite Livr being a hoax there are some ideas that have come out that may actually have some practical benefits, and has nothing to do with being drunk. So maybe to get closer to practical solutions that are going to actually be used by consumers we have to start with ideas that are just plain stupid and see what happens from there.

Or maybe it could be argued this in most cases is the start-up world anyway. I am actually a big fan of stupidity so I raise my glass and have a drink to the rise of “tech-stupid” and its future in creating amazing solutions that will change the world.

Now I have had my drink I am off to connect with my network of fellow drunks, and without the Livr App the only place to do this is at the local pub.


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