• Michael Weeding

Android SDK for wearables, it is more than a smarter SmartWatch

When it comes to wearables it is Google that seems to be standing tall. There is already lots of hype surrounding Glass, then there is the SmartWatch that is meant to be launched in June this year and now they have announced that they will be launching their SDK to developers in the coming weeks. So what does that mean?

There would be many manufacturers around the world who would be dreaming about ways in which their hardware that people use every day could become more powerful if only it was connected to the Smartphone. The problem is developing the software to connect to sensors in order to realise this dream.

This is the role of the Software Development Kit, or SDK as it is more commonly known. Google hopes to develop a set of common protocols that allow different devices to work together. In essence through focusing on the platform Google is following the same protocols it used to make Android the most popular mobile OS on the planet.

So Google’s role is to develop the software and APIs, and it’s is now up to developers around the world to figure out lots of new form factors. This space could become very interesting very quickly.

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