• Michael Weeding

Will we ever see a dual OS smartphone?

Huawea revealed last week their plans to launch a Windows Phone-Android hybrid smartphone later this year which means if you have one of these phones you will be able to switch between the two Operating Systems whenever you like and access Apps built for both platforms. But will this ever get to market?

Huawea was not the first to jump on the idea of a dual OS, Karbonn Mobiles India’s fourth largest phone maker has also indicated it may launch dual OS.

So while this is a strategy that will suit Microsoft in their drive to grow penetration of their mobile OS it is not a strategy they seem to support outside of the mobile space.

Asus also planned to offer dual-boot (Windows + Android) hybrid devices. This would have allowed users to take advantage of the strengths of both a traditional laptop and a tablet. Although according to a report in Wall Street Journal as a result of pressure from Google and Microsoft they has indefinitely postponed their dual OS plans.

So are we really going to see a dual OS smartphone? Well I guess it all comes down to Google and what barriers they are going to put in front of Huawea. My guess there are going to be many!

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