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Why does Intel want a health tracker?

Intel have made no secret about the fact Wearables is a big part of their future. So it is no surprise they announced an acquisition of Basis Science, the hot wearable technology company based in San Francisco. But why the interest in Basis Science?

Intel has been busy in the wearable space, in the past 12 months they have invested in Google Glass and Thalmic Labs as well as announced its Quark line of chips for wearable devices.

So investing in Wearables make sense, but why now a full blown acquisition?

The Basis band is the worlds most advanced health tracker, unlike the other wearables on the market it also collects real physiology data such as skin temperature, perspiration and the latest version will monitor your REM sleep cycles.

The key benefit for Intel according to Mike Bell, who leads the New Devices Group is that they now have immediate entry into the Wearables market with a leader in health tracking.

But the real reason would have to be that Intel missed the Smartphone boat and as a result it is an ARM chip found inside most smartphones and tablets. So if there is going to be a Wearables revolution you can bet that this acquisition is a strategic move to ensure they are not left behind once again.

You would have to think the combining of resources and expertise would have to been an attractive by-product, one you would expect that Intel could put to good use if they are going to play a part in the Wearables revolution.

Otherwise Intel could end up in the same place you find brands like Nokia and RIM today.

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