• Michael Weeding

Android is looking for some brand power

By now you would have seen the new advertising campaign for Google Play encouraging you to play you heart out, but what Google really want is for you to connect with the Android brand. So why is it critical for Android to become as recognised brand as Google itself?

Not all manufacturers that use Android participate in The Google Play Store, that is because there is now more forked versions of Android being used than legitimate versions. The forked versions have not got the Google rubber stamp so as a result do not have access to the Play Store which is essentially means Google gets no revenue.

So Google needs consumers to recognise when they are using an official full version of the Android OS not a forked one. By selling the benefits of the Play Store they must be hoping consumers will feel they are missing out on something special thus avoiding manufacturers like Nokia who will be using a forked Android OS in the new Nokia X range of phones.

As a result Google is now forcing all manufacturers to display a “Powered by Android” graphic animation when an Android phone is powered up as part of the Mobile Services agreement. This would just be the start and I am sure “Powered by Android” is going to be appearing in many more places than just the screens of phones.

At least they have a plan, but it must be hurting them to see them losing revenue across a platform they have worked so hard to build.

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