• Michael Weeding

Playing tennis with your Smartphone

What does a tennis racquet and your next Smartphone have in common? The answer is Graphene, a 2-dimensional, crystalline allotrope of carbon. So why is it all the buzz?

If you play tennis you would already know of the Graphene tennis racquet manufactured by Head, but what you may not know about Graphene is that it is the strongest material in the world. But that is not the only thing that makes it amazing, it is also flexible, transparent and the best electrical conductor on the planet, which makes it far better than silicon for electron mobility.

Which is why this material could become an important part of your next Smartphone or Wearable device. The only problem it has been hard to commercialise as it is difficult to manufacture.

Until now, if you believe Samsung as they have made what they describe as “one of the most significant breakthroughs in graphene research in history.” In other words they have found a way to manufacture graphene that could potentially be used on a chip, which means it could play a key role in the next generation of computer processors. These processors could be smaller, faster and more energy efficient.

The other area where Graphene will potentially play a role is in the development of the touch screens of tomorrow. Screens that will be both flexible and strong.

So while there is currently no real world technological uses of the material maybe things are about to change, who knows we could end up playing tennis with our Smartphone?

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