• Michael Weeding

Nike FuelBand, has it come to the end of the road?

If the CNET reports are true Nike could eventually halt all future hardware production on the FuelBand fitness tracker since the company just laid off nearly 80% of the team that was responsible for developing and revising the hardware. What does this mean for Nike fitness trackers?

You would have to think the main reason for Nike’s decision is that the Wearables market is about to get very crowded with many more Smartwatches about to hit the stores this year. When it comes to tracking your fitness the new Smartwatches will be able to do all that the FuelBand can do and a whole lot more.

Then there is the relationship that Nike has with Apple driven by the fact that Tim Cook has been on the Nike board for over 9 years. The iPhone 5s already has a specialized Nike+ Move app that uses the handset’s dedicated M7 motion coprocessor and Apple are about to bring out their own range of Wearables during the year including a Smartwatch.

So it may be the end of the road for the FuelBand as we know it, but not the end of Nike’s involvement in digital fitness as you would expect that they are going to move from a focus on their own hardware to developing Apps to power the many devices that consumers are going to use.

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