• Michael Weeding

Apple makes a big statement about the environment

Apple Stores around the world changed the colour of the iconic Apple logo’s leaf section green as part of Earth Day. The point here is that no company changes their logo without careful consideration, so why did Apple do it?

One of the reasons was the launch of Apple’s “Better” environmental campaign where they are promoting the projects aimed at decreasing the company’s impact on the environment as well as initiatives they will implement that will aid in improving world health.

The other reason is that they are unique when compared to their competitors in their efforts around environmental sustainability, so why not make it a big issue.

But before you become too critical of whether they are doing enough, or that this is just another marketing pitch it is important to remember that Apple are just one the many companies that are fuelling your demand for the latest and greatest. We live in a world where the average consumer will update their phone at least once every 2 years and building products to feed this demand has many impacts on the environment in which we live.

So of course they could be doing more, and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see that through taking some action they are hoping that this will influence your next purchase. The real test comes down to whether or not you really do care.

The reality is that you are probably not going to hold onto your current phone for longer than 2 years, but will the next phone your purchase come from a company that is focused on making the world a better place, and this means more than just developing new technology. If not then do not judge.

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