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If you are predicting the iPhone 6 will have NFC, you are just making a safe bet

t is only a matter of time before the new iPhone 6 will be launched so it is about now that everyone begins to gaze into their crystal balls and predict what new features will be launched. Now if you are one of those predicting that Apple will launch NFC then you are not Nostradamus, you are just making a safe bet. Here is why?

When it comes to NFC Apple have not been caught napping. They have been thinking about the role NFC could play in payments long before anyone had ever thought about the concept of mobile payments. The evidence is their numerous patents they have registered that clearly reference NFC.

As they have been thinking about mobile payments for a sometime they also understand the barrier that exists between consumer adoption and the need for security. Which is why they have spent considerable time and money developing iTouch and the secure enclave that is built into the iPhone 5S’ A7 processor which they launched as part of the 5s.

Add to that the evidence that suggests that NXP has won the contract to supply NFC controller chips for the iPhone 6.

If Apple was a horse running in race 6 the odds are already looking good, and we have not even mentioned the number of credit cards they already have on file as part of iTunes.

The only barrier standing in their way is the utility of mobile payments. Just because you have a phone and it can make payments does not mean that you will use it and Apple will not launch a services unless the market is ready to adopt. It is at this time we cue the failures of both the Google and Square Wallets.

To launch NFC they will need to provide a better experience than the current process it is trying to disrupt, and right now the credit card is efficient in doing its job.

So there is a good chance that NFC will be part of the iPhone 6, there is also a good chance that it will not, and even if they include NFC there is no guarantee that they will allow any Apps that are not their own access the feature.

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