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Gaming App Reviews

The rating of an App in the iTunes App store or Google Play will more than likely influence your decision to buy. So it would be no surprise to learn that some of these reviews are fake, so can you trust these reviews anymore and what should you do if you find you have been scammed?

Developers understand the importance of getting good reviews on their Apps, not only because it will influence your decision to buy but it will also affect the position their App will rank. Because of this there is a whole industry that has been set up to help them on their way and there are many sites that offer this service, including BuyAppStoreReviews or fiverr.

It is also not only about positive reviews, you can use these services to provide poor rankings for your competitors Apps, if you are that way inclined.

Of course the activity is not supported by Apple as they have warned their developers that trying to manipulate the rankings could result in the App being removed from the App Store, as well as that they will also revoke the offender’s developer program membership. But in the competitive world of App development this is a chance that many will take in an effort to drive more revenue for their hard work. Research conducted by Apptentive indicates that the worst offenders are Apps in the Game category with 41% of Apps containing some fake spammed reviews.

So If you find an App your download does not live up to its 5 star rating then you can request a refund, but there are some rules you need to follow.

In the Play Store are that you can apply for a refund within 15 minutes of installation. Go to My Apps, select the relevant one and tap the Refund button. For Apple there are no time limits but you do need to use your email receipt for the App ad select on Report a Problem to request the refund.

The only way to remove the problem is force people to reveal their true identity when providing reviews, and as that is not going to happen the only true defence is common sense on your part.


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