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PR Gone Wrong

The rise of social media present many opportunities, it includes the ability though creativity to generate exposure to millions of people at a lower cost, it also provides an avenue for your monumental stuff ups to be broadcasts across the globe. Here are a couple of recent examples that remind us why you need to tread very carefully when you are planning your next PR stunt.

This week Nokia (now part of Microsoft Devices) sent a group of Lumianauts into Heathrow’s Terminal 5, which has been re-named, Samsung Galaxy S5. With the objective to find their way to the Milky Way they were naturally disappointed to find out that instead of being taken to outer-space by a rocket-ship, it was all just a marketing campaign by rival Samsung.

Now while you could argue that this was a cleverly executed “nice” campaign of one-upmanship you also need to question who got the most exposure. From my point of view more attention was drawn to the Galaxy S5 than anything Microsoft was trying to promote.

Then there was the Ubisoft package that was sent to a Ninemsn entertainment journalist with the message to check their voicemail. When the package could not be opened the bomb squad was called and the office block evacuated. When the package could be opened all that was inside was Ubisoft’s Watch Dog game and some promotional material and as a result of all the commotion the news of this failed PR stunt was broadcasted across the globe.

In the new world of marketing both of these could either be described as monumental fails or a grand success, it just depends on the lens in which you view the exposure that was generated.

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